Leadership team for Wright Hotel and Development. Development and Construction of hotels, tribal hotels, and tribal casinos.

Leadership Team

Robert P. "Bob" Wright - Principal & CEO

Bob is passionate about development and construction. In 1985, he founded Wright Hotel Development (WHD) and for the past 31 years he led the development and construction of residential and commercial real estate projects. His company started with single family home construction and quickly grew into the development of the projects as well. His first projects were located on the Oregon coast and today his portfolio of commercial and hospitality projects for public, private, and Native American clients are located in 35 states from coast to coast. Bob owns hotels as well, and this experience provides clients with a perspective that only owners can appreciate. He enjoys working in the field with our Project Managers, Superintendents, Investors, and Owners. Bob takes great pride in his face to face time with every client where he shows he doesn’t only build buildings – He builds lasting relationships. It is this hands-on approach that he has cultivated in his company to deliver a successful project every time. Bob oversees all aspects of the company and is passionate about the process of development, construction, and ownership while exceeding client expectations.

Loren Wright - Chief Operations Officer

Loren is involved in all aspects of operations for the company. She oversees all day-to-day operations and human resources responsibilities. Loren established and oversees the accounting group. Her leadership highlights include developing and “cascading” the 's strategy/mission statement to the staff, and implementing appropriate rewards/recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align the staff’s personnel goals with company goals. Loren excels with planning activities by prioritizing customer, employee, and organizational requirements for most efficient results for all stakeholders. She maintains and monitors staffing levels, Knowledge-Skills-Attributes (KSA), expectations and motivation to fulfill company requirements. She drives performance measures (including a consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness), often in the form of dashboards convenient for executive review of high level key indicators. Loren is the face and the voice of the company and is always available to problem solve and present solutions as the company’s projects move through development and construction. She is passionate about the success of clients and employees and how they interface to make the company experience as intuitive and seamless as possible. To Loren, successful projects are the results of successful relationships and she thrives on motivating the project team to achieve both of these.

She is known for co-implementing the development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the “Wright Product.” 

David R. Partridge – Executive Vice President

David is passionate about getting things developed, designed, built, branded, and promoted. His 25-year career involves all facets of commercial development and construction, including executive positions as a developer, contractor, promoter, and registered Architect. His project experience includes new ground-up and renovation developments in hospitality, senior housing, and multifamily; from campus to high-rise, throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. David leads all business development, branding, and marketing activities for the company. He is directly involved in the executive business of the company and in all projects from initial client introductions to completion. David is responsible for leading the company’s short and long term strategic market positioning while constantly seeking, reviewing, and researching to discover and create new opportunities and partnerships for the company.

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