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casioThe hotel is a new addition to the popular Native American casino that has been operating in a tent structure since the late nineties. J.E. Dunn is the construction firm behind the 100,000 square foot casino expansion that will lengthen the structure to four times its current size by adding a rustic 93-room hotel with six suites, and a variety of new amenities.

Quality and Cost Effective Approach

casioThe project did have its schedule and budget challenges. To develop a quality and cost effective approach to the hotel aspect of this project, J.E. Dunn teamed up with Wright Construction & Development, a firm that specializes in wood frame structures in low and mid-rise hotels. "We worked with Wright Construction on that aspect of the project since they had a successful track record for this specific building type within a tight schedule," said Laizure.

"Bob Wright has a very competitive price approach, and specializes in the type of cost effective delivery to the customer that Three Rivers and J.E. Dunn appreciate, so it was a good match for this job."

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