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Renovations beforeWright Hotel Development (Wright), a General Contractor, is an expert in all aspects of hotel construction and renovation having done many renovation projects as well as building 25 hotels in the last five years.

A Hotel Owner, Developer and General Contractor

In addition to being a General Contractor, Wright is involved in the continuous process of maintaining and upgrading self-owned properties as well as those of our clients. In the last two years, Wright has completed major renovations on two of our properties and made significant improvements on several more. Several of our team started by doing renovations and have done renovations for several chains and retail groups. Renovations after

Care is taken to keep guests happy throughout the renovation

As an owner, Wright knows how important it is to not impact the guests. This is of the utmost importance. Wright Hotel Development has completed hotel renovations for self-owned properties and knows as well as anyone how to mitigate the impact of construction. The last thing anybody wants is to have their ongoing operations interrupted by construction. Wright knows how to go the extra mile to keep our guests happy; this makes us the perfect candidate to make your guests happy too.

Rooms are renovated quickly to reduce impact on your bottom line

Any hotel owner will tell you that the most expensive room in the hotel is the one not being used. Getting your rooms renovated quickly and back in service is extremely important to maintaining a healthy bottom line. Wright is keenly aware of this and works hard to complete your renovations quickly and expertly.

Ask about our Turnkey Hotel Product

Wright works with some of the best FF&E designers and providers in the world. A Turnkey Hotel Product is available that takes advantage of this best in class team. If design, purchasing, logistics and installations of any renovation or PIP program are needed, you should contact Wright Hotel Development.

The timing is perfect for renovations today

The economy is at a significant low point in the construction cycle. Resources, including labor and materials, will cost less today than almost any other time we might remember. Now is the time to renovate. Let's discuss your project. Please contact us today.

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