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Bob Wright has built hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects including high end homes, condominiums and hotels.  As Wright Hotel Development has evolved, building hotels has become our specialty and is now the only type of construction and development we do which includes Turnkey Hotel Development.

Our Turnkey Hotel Product is All-Inclusive

Our Turnkey Hotel product provides everything from pre-planning to architectural plans, construction, a complete FF&E package, all the way through to operational training and opening our client’s hotel. Wright Hotel Development and ROI Gaming, our strategic partner in the Turnkey Hotel product, control every aspect of the process and have created a very efficient and cost effective system that provides a great hotel.

Your Package Deal

  • Architectural & Design Documents - DD's, CD's, Specs, As-Builts
  • Oversized Standard Rooms (440 sf) with Quality Finishes
  • Custom Hotel Lobby & Public Spaces
  • FF&E: Award-Winning Design (High Quality, Durable) + Install
  • All-Inclusive Room FF&E Package + Attic Stock + Initial OS&E: 1,100 Room FF&E Pricing for 100 Rooms
  • Turnkey Construction Services by Niche Specialist
  • Detailed Construction Closeout Including O&M & Specification Manuals
  • 5-Month Pre & Post-Opening Hotel Operations Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency Team

A Huge Value to You the Client

Our team controls every piece of the process, from making sure the design fits your needs to placing mints on the pillows in the rooms for opening. Everything is covered and done correctly. Our team of highly experienced professionals including architects, engineers, designers, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers – with whom we have worked together closely on several projects - have evolved into a very efficient and tight knit group. You will always be able to choose which pieces we bring and then help plan accordingly for optimum delivery.

Strong Relationships with our Partners

Wright has been very fortunate to have developed strong relationships with those people and companies we are proud to call part of our team. The experience and trust that comes from working in the trenches closely with them cannot be given enough credit.

We know:

  • what to expect from our team;
  • that the work will be done well,
  • performed in a very timely manner
  • that from each partner, we will receive the best price possible.

As important, they know what to expect from Wright Hotel Development. That they can trust us to make sure the project is done in a timely and efficient manner so nothing is wasted.

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